Camera Repair & Cleaning

District Camera works directly with all major manufacturers to help get your gear fixed as soon as possible. We also provide a number of in-store professional cleaning services and supplies.

Featured Brands
Camera and Lens Repair
Camera Repair$45 EstimateUsually 3-6 week turnaround
Lens Repair$45 EstimateUsually 3-6 week turnaround
Lighting Repair$45 EstimateUsually 3-6 week turnaround
Repairs that require being sent to the original manufacturer require a non-refundable deposit to cover shipping to and from the repair facility. If the item exceeds normal shipping rates, this deposit may exceed $45. After receiving an estimate, we will contact you to either approve or deny the repair. If approved, the estimate deposit will be applied to the remaining repair balance. We will contact you upon receiving the completed repairs back in-store.
In-House Services
Professional Sensor Cleaning$79Completed within ~24 hours
Stuck Filter Removal$35-$70Completed within ~24 hours
Firmware UpdateFree*Completed within ~24 hours
Lens CalibrationStarting at $69Completed within ~72 hours
$35 service charge if the camera was not purchased from District Camera
Lens calibrations are only available for DSLR cameras. First camera and lens is included in the $69 service charge. Each additional lens will incur an extra $39 calibration charge.
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