Ilford Delta 400 Professional Black and and White Negative Film (120 Roll Film)


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400 DELTA PROFESSIONAL is a fast, fine grain black and white film, ideal for pictorial and fine art photography. This improved version builds on the quality and reputation of ILFORD 400 DELTA. Compared with 400 DELTA, it has finer grain, better tonal rendition and a true 400 speed. Prints made from 400 DELTA PROFESSIONAL film exposed at EI 400/27 have very fine grain and outstanding sharpness. In fact the results are similar to those expected from a conventional medium speed black and white film. The superb image quality of 400 DELTA PROFESSIONAL means that it is possible to use this film in situations that would usually require a medium speed film. Its EI 400/27 speed rating, however, allows the use of higher shutter speeds or greater depth of field than with a medium speed film while giving similar quality results. Additionally, the fast speed of 400 DELTA PROFESSIONAL ensures excellent results in low lighting conditions. 400 DELTA PROFESSIONAL is more than an ISO 400/27° film. Its exposure latitude allows good quality results to be obtained over the exposure range EI 200/24 to EI 1600/33. 400 DELTA PROFESSIONAL is compatible with all major processing systems and can be processed in all popular developers.

With 400 DELTA PROFESSIONAL, ILFORD has created a truly remarkable black and white film.Thanks to revolutionary core shell emulsion technology, it has a level of sharpness and freedom from grain that belies the film's light grabbing ISO 400 speed. The most significant technology shift is in shadow rendition: thin areas of the negative are slightly denser and hold detail much better. DELTA film has wide exposure latitude and a tonal range that matches easily on both graded and variable contrast printing papers. ILFORD 400 DELTA PROFESSIONAL is the ideal choice for applications that demand high quality, but where extra film speed is an advantage. It is suitable for pictorial, fine art as well as fashion photography and for many areas that were formerly the preserve of slower films.

For the creative photographer, the combination of speed and precision is a liberation: hand held portraits in available light have smooth skin tones and tack-sharp detail; reportage photography no longer suffers from gritty, conspicuous grain. For studio photographers, the film's high speed spells smaller apertures, shorter exposures and lower lighting requirements - without any quality sacrifices. ILFORD 400 DELTA PROFESSIONAL excels in the darkroom too: it pushes well and delivers its superb performance in the widest range of developers.

One reason why the Ilford Delta Pro 400 is popular is because of its Good tonal range


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