Ilford Pan F Plus Black and White Negative Film (120 Roll Film)


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ILFORD PAN F Plus is an extremely fine grain black and white film. When given standard development it has a speed rating of ISO 50/18° to daylight. In addition to its ultra-fine grain, PAN F Plus has outstanding resolution, sharpness and edge contrast. These characteristics enable the very highest image quality to be achieved and make PAN F Plus the natural film choice where fine detail and lack of grain are more important than film speed.

Mural size enlargements from PAN F Plus negatives show an outstanding range of tone and detail when the film is carefully exposed and processed. PAN F Plus has good exposure latitude and gives prints with exceptional brightness and tonal range. PAN F Plus is compatible with all major processing systems including those which give the standard short fixing and washing times.

There is no need to change standard processing techniques when switching to PAN F Plus from PAN F, or any other ISO 50/18° film. Development times, however, are different. PAN F Plus is very robust during processing, giving excellent results under most conditions, and will also tolerate processing conditions that are less than ideal.

The Ilford PAN F Plus 120 Film is commonly used for Artwork and more.The Ilford PAN F Plus 120 Film is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Photo enthusiast among others.The Ilford PAN F Plus 120 Film is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Ilford PAN F Plus 120 Film: Accurate, Consistent, Good tonal range, Reproduces well and Scans well

Film Type
Panchromatic black and white negative film
Film Format
ISO 50/18°
Standard black and white chemistry
4 mil / 0.110 mm-thick clear acetate base with an anti-halation backing


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