Nikon Z6 III Mirrorless Camera Body Only

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Incredible autofocus. Blistering speed. 6K/60p internal RAW +
240p HD video. Our brightest, most detailed electronic viewfinder.
A mirrorless camera in a class of its own.

Power that exceeds.
World’s first partially-stacked CMOS sensor integrates high-speed data processing
circuits, resulting in an approx 3.5X faster readout speed compared to the Z6II.

High-performance electronic shutter.
High-speed sensor unlocks super-fast continuous shooting and ultra high shutter speeds,
without sacrificing viewfinder experience.

Pro-level Video.
Incredible power in a lightweight, compact form-factor. Stunning image quality,
super-accurate autofocus, and the versatility of in-camera RAW recording up to 6K/60p.
Plus line-in audio, professional monitoring tools and more.

Incredible in low light.
EXPEED 7 processor delivers improved image quality at high ISO
sensitivities, and amazing low-light autofocus detection with Starlight Mode
for accurate composition in near-darkness.

Autofocus that outperforms.
Advanced autofocus inherited from the Z8 and Z9, including sophisticated
multi-subject recognition, enhanced by Nikon’s Deep Learning technology.
  • All-new autofocus system for Z6-series, approx 20% faster than Z6II.
  • Accurate detection of human faces as small as ~3% of the frame.
  • Subject detection available in auto and manual focus modes.
  • Reliable autofocus for backlit subjects.
  • Use Touch Fn to adjust focus point on LCD while shooting with the EVF.
Automatic recognition of 9 subjects.
People, dogs, cats, birds, airplanes, cars, motorcycles, bicycles and trains.

Versatile Shooting Features
Pre-release Capture

Nail the decisive moment with confidence.

Just hold the shutter release button halfway to activate Pre-Release Capture, and the Z6III will start buffering
images. JPEG files can be saved up to one second before and up to three seconds after the shutter button is
fully pressed to take a photo.

Flexible Colour Picture Control.
Get the look you want—create your desired colour profile in NX Studio, and upload it as a
Custom Picture Control directly to your Z6III.

Design and Operation
Best-in-class EVF.

Shoot confidently in bright conditions, and view the world in more colour than ever before.

Class-leading max brightness of 4000 nits gives a clear, vibrant view even in very bright conditions.

More Detailed
5760k-dot resolution and premium viewfinder optics sets a new standard for detail and clarity.

120 fps maximum refresh rate gives natural, lifelike motion even when shooting fast action.

More Colours
Expanded colour gamut equivalent to DCI-P3 ensures more accurate reproduction of delicate tones.

Camera to Cloud Connectivity
Nikon Imaging Cloud.

Nikon Imaging Cloud is a complimentary cloud service that expands the capabilities and
connectivity of your Z6III.

Imaging Recipes
Give your photos and videos a distinctive look with Cloud Picture Control presets downloaded directly to your camera.

Photo Transfer
Upload full-resolution image files to your preferred cloud storage sites, right from the camera.

Firmware Updates
Keep your camera features up to date with firmware upgrades sent directly from the cloud.


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