• Avenger A630B Mini-Max Kit Stand

Avenger A630B Mini-Max Kit Stand


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The Avenger A630B Mini Max Kit Stand is a versatile, lightweight aluminum stand.

It is quick to set up and very stable. Its locking T-knobs are large and ergonomic -- making it easy for you to efficiently lock each section. This stand rises to a maximum height of 10.8' (3.27 m).

The Mini-Max has a black anodized finish, and it folds to a size that is short enough for most kit cases - 35.4" (90cm).

Also goes by the name of Midi-Max.


Maximum Height 128 inches
Minimum Height 35.9 inches
Maximum Load Capacity 19.9 lbs
Closed Length 35 inches
Weight 4.9 lbs
Footprint Diameter 37.8 inches
Mounting Stud 5/8 inches


Avenger A630B Mini-Max Kit Stand
Avenger A630B Mini-Max Kit Stand