• Canon EG-E1 Extension Grip (Black)

Canon EG-E1 Extension Grip (Black)


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The Canon EG-E1 Extension Grip offers versatility and comfort to any Canon EOS RP user. The extension grip attaches to the base of the camera and has a built-in thumbscrew, making it easier to install and remove from the camera body. The add-on also includes a threaded tripod insert. The ergonomic design adds more grip surface to the camera and minimizes fatigue in your hand, allowing you to manipulate the camera more comfortably and shoot for extended periods. Attaching the grip extension also maintains access to the battery and memory card compartment of the camera, making it easier to use. The EG-E1 Extension Grip comes in three colors: black, blue, and red, allowing you to choose the appropriate design according to your preference. This handy extension grip is an essential accessory for your EOS RP, giving your camera added maneuverability while also adding a hint of personality and style to it.

The Extension Grip EG-E1 provides additional support and comfort using the Canon EOS RP digital camera so you can feel even more confident when shooting. There's an access panel so you can easily swap batteries and SD cards when needed and because it comes in three colors - black, blue and red - you can choose the one that best matches your style or mood for a particular occasion, day or outfit.

Canon EG-E1 Extension Grip (Black)
Canon EG-E1 Extension Grip (Black)