• Nikon WR-R10 Wireless Remote Transceiver

Nikon WR-R10 Wireless Remote Transceiver


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Wireless remote camera control has never been more convenient. Instead of using conventional infrared transmission, the new WR-R10 and WR-T10 communicate via electromagnetic waves (radio) for increased range.

Thanks to this transmission method, communication is possible even with no direct line of sight between devices for use up to 66 feet (up to 164ft when using WR-R10 as a transmitter). These wireless remote control accessories also enable various operations such as autofocus, video recording, continuous shooting and quiet shutter-release shooting.

Use the WR-T10 as a transmitter, to trigger a single or multiple cameras with the WR-R10 attached. This permits capture of the same moment from multiple perspectives and with different lenses as a still and/or video.

Compatible with:

DX-D-SLR: D3100, D3200, D5100, D5200, D90, D7000, D300 series (D300 series - requires WR-A10 Adapter)

FX-D-SLR: D600, D700, D800 series, D3 series, D4 (D700/D800 series, D3 series and D4 require the WR-A10 Adapter)


Channels (Frequency) 5 ch (2.425 GHz), 10 ch (2.450 GHz), 15 ch (2.475 GHz)
Number Of Channels 3
Range WR-T10, WR-R10: approx. 20 m (66 ft)
WR-R10, WR-R10 with WR-A10 Adapter: approx. 50 m (164 ft)
Interference Prevention Pairing (Done in advance)
Live View/Movie Operation Available only with the cameras that have been released since the D4
Continuous Shooting Yes
Shutter-Release Button Half pressing, full pressing available
Function Button Possible to switch (Available only with some of the models that have been released since the D4) the function assigned to an Fn button


Nikon WR-R10 Wireless Remote Transceiver
Nikon WR-R10 Wireless Remote Transceiver