• Promaster 1881 Still Life Studio 32

Promaster 1881 Still Life Studio 32


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High quality LED light strips are used inside the studio rather than
shining in from the outside like competitor light tent models.
The interior of the Still Life Studio is lined with a reflective silver
material similar to the inside of a high end softbox. This creates a
beautiful quality of light.

Our custom-designed diffuser reduces specular highlights
(little, bright hotspots). This makes for exceptionally even light
throughout the studio.

This is a teriffic product for customers who operate an online
store. Studies show that better photographs sell more products
on Etsy and Ebay. The simplicity is what will allow even
non-photo centric people to get great results. Artists, craftsman,
and collectors will appreciate how much better their items will
look when illuminated properly.

Promaster 1881 Still Life Studio 32
Promaster 1881 Still Life Studio 32