• Promaster 3484 Multi Card Reader USB2

Promaster 3484 Multi Card Reader USB2


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The ProMaster All-In-One Card Reader makes it easy to read and write files. Insert a memory card into the reader and it appears as a drive on your computer. Use up to four different types of cards at once and you can copy files between cards and your computer!

An additional feature of the All in One Card Reader is that it be used as a USB hub. It will function well as a non-powered USB hub. However, for ultimate hub performance, with power hungry computer peripherals, you can purchase the optional AC adapter for the reader.

  • Universal: Reads most types of memory cards
  • Fast file transfers: Uses USB 2.0 for fast downloads at up to 480Mbps
  • Increases usable USB ports: Works as a USB hub to connect up to 3 other USB devices to you computer.
  • The CF slot design of this reader will help to avoid bent pins.
Purchase the optional AC adapter and it upgrades to a powered USB hub for best performance with your high power draining peripherals.

Promaster 3484 Multi Card Reader USB2
Promaster 3484 Multi Card Reader USB2