• Think Tank Glass Limo Backpack
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Think Tank Glass Limo Backpack


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  • 600mm f/4 Without Body
  • 400mm f/2.8 With Pro DSLR Attached
  • Pro Kit with 5-8 Lenses

Full size backpack with capacity for a 600 f/4 or standard DSLR kits.

The Glass Limo is the smallest and lightest backpack specifically designed for long lenses; its narrow, lightweight design makes life easier when traveling with long lenses. Compatible with Think Tank Photo Modular Belts and Components, the Glass Limo has three Modular rails for adding accessory pouches. Using the harness design from our award winning StreetWalker™ backpack, the contoured, fully adjustable harness fits virtually everyone comfortably.

By removing the specialized yoke-collar and support ring, the interior can be customized with the included dividers to carry a surprising amount of traditional gear: a standard pro kit with pro DSLR and 5-8 lenses. 


ED: 9” W x 20” H x 9.2” D (22.9 × 50.8 × 23.4cm) 

ID: 8.7” W x 19” H x 8.3” D     (22.1 × 48.2 × 21.1cm)    

Weight: 2.6-3.9 lbs (1.1-1.8 kg)

Think Tank Glass Limo Backpack
Think Tank Glass Limo Backpack