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Are you traveler who needs to apply for or renew a passport? District Camera is your one stop shop for all passport and visa photos in the Washington, DC Metro area. Below are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) we get about passport photos.

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Get a fast and convenient passport photo taken for your picture ID, green card and US Dept. ID. Our photo technicians in both of our DC Metro locations in Burke, VA and on Connecticut Ave Washington D.C. are trained to ensure that your passport and ID photo's adhere to strict federal regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • 1

    Does District Camera take U.S. passport photos?

    Yes, we photograph and print US passport photos at all of our stores daily.

  • 2

    Do you take passport and visa photos for any country?

    Yes, we can take photos for any country and any specifications for a passport, visa or other government document. It is recommended you bring the specifications for the photos you need with you to the store on paper or be prepared to show us on your smartphone.

    Since we are located in the Washington DC area, we are accustomed to printing photos for many different countries on a daily basis. We will print your photos to make sure they match the required specifications and are accepted by the foreign embassy or consulate with no delay.

  • 3

    What should you wear for your passport photo?

    The attire you wear for your passport photo is up to you with the following exceptions:

    The subject's full face must be visible so no hats, uniforms or head covering may be worn--except for religious purposes. This also means hair must not hang down covering any part of the face.

    You cannot wear glasses. If you cannot remove your glasses for medical reasons, please include a signed note from your doctor with application.

    We recommend you do not wear a solid white shirt because it can blend into the background which will also be white. Otherwise you are free to wear whatever you like for your passport photo--t-shirt, blouse, dress, suit-and-tie, etc.

  • 4

    How long will my passport photos take?

    On average US passport photos will take 15-20 minutes from walking in the door to leaving with your prints. If you need photos for a foreign country with different specifications, the time will be slightly longer but usually less than 30 minutes.

  • 5

    Do I need to make an appointment for passport photos?

    No, you don't need an appointment. Simply walk into one of our District Camera stores during open business hours. If you are coming at the end of the day, arrive 30 minutes before closing time in order to allow time to process and print your passport photos.