Fujifilm MCEX-16 16mm Extension Tube for Fujifilm X-Mount

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The MCEX-16 16mm Macro Extension Tube from Fujifilm is a dedicated extension tube that is designed exclusively for XF and XC lenses and X-series cameras. Mounting an extension tube between a lens and a camera body increases the distance between the lens elements and the sensor enabling users to focus closer than the normal minimum focus distance of the lens. 

• Shortens minimum focus distance of attached lenses for close-up and macro photography 
• Features electronic contacts to retain autofocus and auto exposure capabilities 
• Metal mount ring for durability and precision 
• Designed exclusively for the XF and XC lenses and X-series cameras 

This 16mm extension tube features electronic contacts that pass information between Fujinon X-Mount lenses and Fujifilm X-series camera bodies and retains autofocus and auto exposure capability. When a Macro Extension Tube is attached, the focus range of the lens is limited so users can also find a focus point by moving the camera forward and backward. 

The mount rings of the tube are made of solid metal and designed to precisely fit the X-series lenses and cameras, also the look and feel of the tube seamlessly blends with the X-Series line of compact system cameras.

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