Giottos SP8304 LCD Protector- Nikon D3s And D3x

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Giotto's new professional optical screen protector names "AEGIS". The rigidity optic glass from "SCHOTT" Germany, it can prevent LCD panel against abrasion, scratch or incident impact. Multi-layer efficient anti-reflective coatings can help with clarity and color blindness. No more residual image and ghost image, always high definition and transmission on your LCD screen. Suitable for all digital cameras and DVs.

Specially ultra lowly reflects the coating for the DSC/mobile phone development to be able to reduce the shining light and to revise the CCD to transform the aberration in the light which the electronic signal in the process creates.

AEGIS completely protects the LCD and working display, because it is very rigid, it protects the LCD panel against abrasions, scratches or accidental impact.

High translucent glass from Schott Germany: thickness is 0.5mm +/- 0.05mm;light transmission is 98%+.

Using the 12-layers AR Coating technology of "LEYBOLD" Germany to improve its transparency and to protect the LCD from UV, improving the color quality and prolonging the life of LCD.

The coatings are water-repellent thanks to the super-hydrophobic technology.

Special ultra low reflection coatings for the digital camera / mobile phone development reduces light reflections and reduces aberrations that the CCD might transform that the electronic signal in the process may create.

The coating eliminate residual images and ghost images and ensure high definition and transmission on your LCD screen.

The AEGIS is resistant to acid and alkali which prolongs the utility life of the LCD.

With the TESA 4972 very thin filmic double side tape from Germany. It is easily applied. It is air proof and prevents liquid, or dust entering into the inside of LCD and display.

No air bubbles or different colors and burn-in resistant.

The coatings act as reinforcement for the glass, the rigidity of the glass surface reaches 8-9 and the elastic pressure is 4kg/cm2 to help it withstand impacts.

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