Giottos CL3621 Microfiber Cleaning Pouch

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Measures 2.8 x 4.7 inches in size. Giotto's anti-static micro fiber cleaning cloths, mitten and pouches are perfect for keeping photographic and electronic equipment clean. The pouches help provide protection from dust and grease.

High quality Microfiber Cloth made of fine polyester fiber, combined with a unique knitting process, to create an extremely effective cleaning material that can hold up to 7 times it's weight in water, and has an exceptional ability to absorb oils.

Micro fibers are soft, hold their shape well, and it's fine fibers leave no lint or dust.

Antistatic cloth reduces, removes and prevents buildup of static electricity.

Microfiber, besides being labor saving and cost saving, is environmental friendly.

Using Microfiber materials to clean a surface leads to reducing the amount of bacteria by 99%, whereas a conventional cleaning material reduces bacteria by only 33%, hence making many cleaning products useless.

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