Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash for Canon Cameras

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The Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash is the best of Phottix's gold-standard products All-in-One. A flash with Phottix Odin Transmitter and Receiver and Strato receiver all built in. The Phottix Mitros is a powerful and durable hot shoe flash that has proven popular since it's release earlier this year. The Phottix Mitros+ adds significant functionality, allowing photographers to not only use the Mitros on or off camera for lighting, but to also control and trigger remote flash by radio signal. The Mitros+ is a new industry landmark and was developed with input from wedding and event photographers.

Use the Mitros+ on-camera as a key or fill light, as well as control and trigger other Mitros+ flashes or compatible flashes using Phottix Odin Receivers. The Mitros+ also offers a built-in Phottix Odin Receiver and Strato II Receiver. Existing Phottix triggers, like the Phottix Odin or Strato II can be used to trigger the Mitros+ without extra receivers.

E-TTL and E-TTL II, Manual, and Multi Stroboscopic
Guide Number
58/190 (at 105mm focal length, ISO 100 in meters/feet)
Flash Coverage
24-105mm (14mm with wide angle diffuser panel)
Auto and Manual Adjustments
180deg. both directions, Up-Down: -7 to 90 deg.
FEC (Flash Exposure Compensation)
FEB (Flash Exposure Bracketing)
±3 stops in 1/3 stop increments (Manual flash exposure compensation and FEB can be combined)
Sync Modes
First Curtain Sync, Second Curtain Sync and High Speed Sync
Stroboscopic Flash
Number of Flashes: 1-100
Flash Exposure Confirmation
Blue LED lamp lights up in E-TTL mode
Normal Flash
1-5 sec./Red LED indicator lamp lights up
Quick Flash
0.1-2.5 sec./Green LED indicator lamp lights up
Four size-AA alkaline or Ni-MH batteries
Compatible External Battery Pack
Power Saving
Non-wireless slave modes: 90 seconds
Wireless slave mode: (programmable) 10 minutes or 60 minutes
Transmission Method
Radio Frequency and Optical Pulse
Wireless Options
Odin Tx, Odin Rx, Strato II Rx, OP Tx (Master), OP Rx (Slave), OP Slave, OFF
Transmission Range
Radio: 100m +
Optical: Indoors: 12-16m/39.3-52.4'
Outdoors: 7-9m/22.9-29.5'
Reception Angle
Radio: 360deg. All Directions
Optical transmission: ±40deg.(horizontal), ±30deg.(vertical)
Controlled Groups
3 (A, B and C)
Flash Ratio Control
Standby Current
= 100uA in Sleep Mode
Dimensions (L x W x H)
202.8 x 77.5 x 58.3mm (8.0 x 3.0 x 2.3")
Flash Only (Excluding Batteries): 427g (15.0oz)
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