Westcott 268 PocketBox Flash Softbox Kit w/ Educational DVD

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Meet Erin: Erin Manning is a professional photographer, teacher and television personality.She helps people understand photography and technology by translating technical mumbo-jumbo into everyday words with a friendly teaching style. Erin Manning takes you along on multiple photo shoots to explain the basics about on-camera and off-camera flash. Each lesson guides you step-by-step through camera operation, flash settings, posing and capturing candid shots of your subjects. You'll also see what can go wrong on a photo shoot and how to remedy the problem.

  • Learn with ease: The educational DVD uses real people in real-life situations to provide an understanding of how to use your camera, flash and PocketBox together to produceamazing results. If you've felt intimidated by this equipment in the past, don'tworry! Erin's down-to-earth teaching style makes everything easy to understand.
  • Avoid red eye. The PocketBox softens harsh light and eliminates red eye.
  • Soften harsh light: Soften harsh light to obtain professional quality images.
  • Fill in shadows: The PocketBox is a perfect solution to fill in shadows when using available window light.
  • Go off-camera: We'll even show you the dos and don'ts of taking your flash off the camera and how this affects your camera and flash settings.
  • Get off automatic: Take your camera off automatic and learn how to use manual settings.
  • Composition: Understand how to compose more interesting photos through the rule of thirds, lens options and more.
  • Lighting: Understand why and how to utilize the various PocketBox sizes and shapes to improve your photos.
  • Break the rules: Once Erin teaches you the rules, she shows you when and how to break them in order to get around difficult situations.
  • Maximum light output: The ultra reflective silver interior maximizes light output.
  • Removable diffusion panels: All PocketBoxes come with a removable inner diffusion panel that helps spread the light for a soft, even output.
  • Flexible frames: Frames are built with a heavy-duty, flexible wire framework (no plastic to break).


Material Silver Interior (heavy duty); Flexible wire frame
Maximum wattage Speedlite-use only
Outer diffusion panel 1-stop
Care Instructions Spot clean by hand with non-bleach laundry detergent.
Packaging Nylon Carry Case

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