MAGMOD Starter Flash Kit

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    Variable spotlight pattern. Tons of new options.

    When fully extended, the MagBeam gives you super-focused light with a hard edge, similar to a stage spotlight. Collapse the MagBeam down one or two stages to create a wider beam pattern while retaining the beautiful shape and crisp edges.

    Its like having a Hollywood-style fresnel spotlight that fits in your pocket..

    2 to 3 stops brighter than your bare flash.

    Sometimes photographers need more "juice" from their speedlites, and the MagBeam is up for the job. It’s designed to give you up to 2 to 3 effective extra stops of useable light.

    This means more light at a greater distance, and your flash recycles 4 times as fast. Ya, its a big deal.

    Supercharge your wildlife flash capabilities.

    With 2 to 3 stops of brighter light, you can use a faster shutter speed for sharper photographs. Go from 1/50s, to 1/200s, or even 1/400s.

    Or lower your ISO speed to improve your image quality. Go from ISO3200 down to ISO800 or ISO400 will give you a dramatically cleaner image. You know this is huge.

    Velcro is for grandma's shoes. Not for speedlites.

    Gone are the days of fighting with annoying velcro, sticky adhesives, bulky straps or mad scientist DIY contraptions to secure modifiers to your flash.

    With two freakishly strong magnets embedded in the MagGrip, you can add and remove our magnetic modifiers in an instant. You’ll work more efficiently—and look like the professional you are.

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