2017 November 30 - Adobe Lightroom - An Overview (Thu November 30)

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Thursday, November 30, 2017
Adobe Lightroom - An Overview
Instructor - Marie Joabar   7:30pm-9:30pm   Fee $54
Location - Burke Store 

Lightroom is a powerful database and editing software program designed for photographers from the ground up.  Join Marie Joabar and learn why it’s the industry standard. 

Marie will demonstrate the various options for bringing images into your Lightroom catalog as well as rating, key-wording, sorting, searching and using collections. 

Marie will also show editing options such as adjusting exposure, contrast, color, noise reduction, lens correction.  The more powerful tools used for local adjustments such as the cloning tool, the graduated and radial filters and the adjustment brush will be shown as well. 

From the ability to sort through thousands of images to find just the one you’re looking for, to the amazing tools for editing, to the portability it offers through LR Mobile and Smart Preview, find out why Lightroom is THE program photographers love to use. 
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