Cherry Blossoms Photo Safari at Peak Bloom -- 4/2/2013

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Cherry Blossoms Photo Safari at Peak Bloom!

Safari is a Swahili word that means journey.

Embassy/Photocraft Camera is pleased to announce that, in cooperation with the popular Washington Photo Safari, it is now offering specialized photography training journeys to its clients.

The first of these safaris will take place during what we HOPE will be the peak season of the beautiful cherry blossoms trees along the Tidal Basin.

We will start our photo safari at 10 am at the paddleboat rental station at 1501 maine Avenine SW with an orienmtation by archityectural photographer and Washington Photo Safari dirrctor E. David Luria , giving these basic tips on photography:

1) how to hold the camera for maximum picture sharpness;

2) how to use selective focus to determine the subject of each picture, using focus hold;

3) how to frame your subject using available flowers, trees, bushes and doorways;

4) how to keep your vertical lines as straight as possible for professional-looking photos;

5) how to fool your camera’s meter, using exposure lock, so that it gives you the correct reading when facing backlit subjects or light / dark-colored subjects;

6) how to take pleasing outdoor portraits in bright sunshine and in shade;

7) how to pose people you DO know in front of famous landmarks and monuments;

8) how to take pictures of people you do NOT know.

9) how and when to use the fill-flash and cancel-flash features of your camera;

10) how to take pictures inside of large interior spaces, like train stations, churches and museums, without using a flash or tripod.

11) how to take close-up pictures of flowers, statues, and monuments;

12) how to decide when to use black and white vs. color

13) how to put strong composition lines and balance into your pictures

14) how to control depth-of-field with aperture priority settings, how to stop or blur action using shutter-priority mode.

15) how to use the other doodads on your camera you were afraid to try

Then, with the morning sun behind us, we photograph our way around the Tidal Basin, capturing the Jefferson Memorial, the FDR Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, all framed by blossoms in the morning sun. And it is ONLY Washington Photo Safari clients who get an EXCLUSIVE peek at our secret spot: the “Our Lady of the BlossomsTree. .

Throughout the excursion, Mr. Luria, emphasizing learning by doing , provides personalized hands-on training to each client in camera use and composition

Washington Pjhoto Safari is an official activity of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, DC’s signature springtime event. The 2013 Festival is March 20 - April 14, features daily cultural performances, sporting events, arts & crafts, demonstrations and other special events. The National Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates the 101st anniversary of the gift of the cherry blossom trees and the enduring friendship between the citizens of the United States and Japan. For schedules and information visit nationalcherryblossomfestival.org or call the Festival hotline at (877) 44BLOOM.

Disclaimer: Mother Nature has her own way of scheduling the blossoms.. Some years they come early in the season, some years they come later. We cannot GUARANTEE full blossoms on the trees on the day of your safari, but we DO guarantee very useful tips on travel photography and views of the Tidal Basin that are ALWAYS pretty.

Instructor E. David Luria is a professional architectural photographer whose images of Dc appear in over 100 publications, guide books and postcards sold in the DC area. Trained in Paris by a protege of Henri Cartier Bresson Mr Luria is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers and an official photographer of the National Cherry Blossoms Festival;and Gray Line Tours. Mr. Luria and his team of 12 instructors have trained over 27,000 amateurs in improved photographic technique since hiscompany began operations in 1999. More information is available at www.WashingtonPhotoSafari.com

Open to photographers at any skill level with any kind of camera, film or digital. Non-photographer friends/ spouses are welcome to accompany you at no charge. $69/person. Meet at Tidal Basin Paddleboat Rental Station, 1500 Maine Ave SW. Tuesday April 2, 2013, 10 am to 12:30 pm

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