National Building Museum: A Photo Safari -- 8/11/2013

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National Building Museum: A Photo Safari: One of Washington’s least known but most beautiful  attractions is the National Building Museum, formerly known as the Pension Building. Built in the late 19th century as a workplace for the hundreds of clerks who wrote out pension checks for the Civil War veterans, the National Building Museum boasts a huge 12-story atrium supported by massive faux marble columns, creating a magnificent space often used for Presidential inaugurations.

This Embassy /Photocraft Camera workshop in exterior and interior architectural photography, led by architectural photographer  and washington Photo Safari director E. David Luria  begins outside in Judiciary Square, where we photograph the impressive National Law Enforcement Memorial with the Museum as a backdrop. Then we photograph the impressive exterior of the Museum before going inside to photograph the architecturally unique  interior from  the upper floors.


Photographic techniques covered in this safari include:

Exterior Photography:

- how and when to shoot exterior views of buildings, based on the position of the sun;

- how to shoot north-facing buildings that are always in shade;

- color filtration/ white balance  and exposure tips for exterior photography;

- how to use flowers trees and bushes to enhance the exterior views;

- how to keep exterior vertical lines perfectly aligned with the vertical edges of camera viewfinders

-twilight vs. daylight for shooting of exterior views;

-how to eliminate cars and people from exterior views without Photoshop

Interior Photography:

- how to choose lenses for interior photography ;

- camera angles for interior shooting;

- how to shoot furnished, and unfurnished, interiors;

- how to achieve extreme or shallow depth of field in image focus;

- how to highlight interesting built-in interior details such as sconces or door hardware;

- how to balance indoor light with outdoor sunlight to avoid overexposed window views;

- how to extend the range of your flash unit and how to light up adjoining rooms;

- how to achieve correct exposure on interior photography;

- how and when to shoot using only the existing ambient light;

- how to choose correct white balance settings for interior photography

- how to shoot interior views at twilight

Instgruvctor E . David Luria is a professional archityectural photographer, trained in Oaris by a protege of Henri cartier Bresson.He is the masthead-listed photographer for the Washington Post's Apartment Showcase Magazine and has photographed hundreds of apartmernt buildings, hotels and restaurants in the DC area.. He is a founding member of the Association of Independent Architectural Photographers.and direcxtor of the Washington Photo Safari, which has trained over 27,000 amateurs in photographic technque.

Offered on Sunday, August 11, 2013,  2:30pm to 5:00pm, Meet at 401 F Street NW., top of Judiciary Sq. Metro escalator, Building Mus. exit., Red Line, $74/person
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