• 3 Legged Thing Punks Series Billy Carbon Fiber Tripod with AirHed Neo Ball Head (Black)
3 Legged Thing

3 Legged Thing Punks Series Billy Carbon Fiber Tripod with AirHed Neo Ball Head (Black)


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3 Legged Thing Punks Series Billy Black Carbon Fibre 4-Section Travel Tripod with AirHed Neo BallheadMicrofibre Head BagPeak Design & Arca Swiss Compatible Quick Release PlateToolz Multi-ToolD-RingTough Drawstring Bag3 Legged Thing 5 Year Warranty

Billy Black 
From 3 Legged Thing's Founder & CEO, Danny Lenihan: For many years we have been known as the protagonists of natural pantones on our products, but increasing demand from our network of dealers and customers around the world has lead us to create a new black version, but with a difference. The Matte-Black powder coating is tactile and beautifully finished, and complemented by the anodised elements of copper and metallic slate. 

The Punks Anarchy' range includes all of the high end features that you'd expect from 3 Legged Thing tripods including a detachable monopod leg, super-low-level shooting ability, ability to shoot macro, multiple mounting points, bubble-grips, and 3 Legged Thing's unique, patented Tri-Mount technology. 

Take a look at the awesome features on the Punks Billy carbon fibre tripod system. Punks Billy is a new generation of 3 Legged Thing tripods. Packed full of features, with extraordinary functionality and capability and the lightest tripod in our catalogue, the new Billy tripod is the first Punks tripod designed for every day use. With 4 section legs and a single column, Billy provides exceptional stability and rigidity and a load capability of 18kg / 40lbs. Perfect for photographers of multiple genres and adaptable to almost any situation, the new Punks Billy is an excellent entry-level professional tripod for general use. The Punks Billy tripod is packed with features and functionality and provides our first ever Punks every-day use tripod, with new and advanced features.

• Patented Tri-Mount plate for easier use, with hollowed spurs for clip on devices
• D-Ring & Toolz assembly in place of traditional spring hook
• Detachable monopod
• 1/4" Screw foot, with multiple accessory options
• Precision engineered leg lock system for greater stability and rigidity
• New thumb catch release system
• Arca-Swiss & Peak Design compatibility on Quick Release Plate
• Multiple visible spirit levels for comprehensive levelling
• Ergonomic bubble grip for better all weather use
• 18kg Variable Load Capability
• 100% Carbon fibre legs and column construction for greater durability

A working class hero is something to be.. 
Billy is our first full carbon Punk tripod from the new range. Built for everyday use, Billy is our lightest tripod in the current line up, but built to withstand every day punishment.

Take it to the bridge 
Or anywhere else, for that matter. At just 1.38 kg / 3 lb, Billy is the easiest tripod to transport in our range.

A tale of two heights 
Topping out at 1.645 m / 65", Billy is a tripod with a serious working height, that still extends to 1.37 m / 53.5" without the column installed, giving you a stable, workable solution in even the most difficult conditions.

More than a tripod 
Billy, like our other Punks tripods, has one or two tricks up his sleeve. A full height detachable monopod is a sought after feature for most, but the real coup d' tat is a minimum working height of just 10 cm / 4"

Travel Ready 
Billy's legs counterfold around the column and head, enabling the user to get him down to just 46 cm / 18".

Detachable Monopod 
Billy, like all 3 Legged Thing tripods, comes with a detachable monopod leg that can also be used as a microphone or camera boom.

Max Load to Weight Ratio of 13:1 
Billy is capable of supporting loads up to 13 times his weight. With an 18kg payload, Billy is one of the strongest tripods in this class.

Bubble Grips 
3 Legged Thing's unique Bubble Grip system provides better leverage and greater rigidity, with smooth, easy to use mechanism.

Shaping The Future 
Our patented Tri-Mount plate offers three hollowed spurs for accessory attachments and enables Billy to fold up, even when the column is detached.

A Range of Footwear 
Billy has detachable rubber Bootz, which can be replaced with any of our foot accessories, for maximum stability on any terrain.


Load Capacity
40 lbs (18.14kg)
Maximum Height
Tripod with column fully extended: 65" (165.10cm) 
Tripod with column fully retracted: 55" (139.70cm) 
Tripod without Column: 53.5" (135.89cm)
Monopod: 67.5" (171.45cm)
Minimum Height
Tripod: 4" (10.16cm) 
Tripod without Column: 7.8" (19.81cm) 
Monopod: 32.5" (82.55cm)
Folded Length
18" (45.72cm)
Carbon fiber
Head Attachment Fitting
3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20, reversible
Spiked/Retractable Feet
No, separately available
Center Brace
Bubble Level
Leg Stages/Sections
4 sections (23, 20, 17 & 14mm)
Leg Angles
23 deg., 55 deg., 80 deg.
Center Column Type
Center Column Sections
Ballast Hook
Max Leg Tube Diameter
23mm (0.91")
3.0 lbs (1.36kg)
Ballhead Control
Pan & Lock
Ballhead Height
85mm (3.35")
Base Width
43mm (1.69")
Ball Diameter
36mm (1.42")
Ballhead Weight
298g (10.51 oz)
Operational Load Capacity
20kg (44.09 lbs)
Plate Size
38mm (1.50") Peak Design / Arca compatible


3 Legged Thing Punks Series Billy Carbon Fiber Tripod with AirHed Neo Ball Head (Black)
3 Legged Thing Punks Series Billy Carbon Fiber Tripod with AirHed Neo Ball Head (Black)