• Kata Pixel D Compact Loop Pouch

Kata Pixel D Compact Loop Pouch


Retail Store Stock
Below are the stock details for each of the District Camera retail stores.

Online = yes
* Burke, VA = yes
* Washington, DC = no
* Arlington, VA = no

The Pixel D Loop Pouch features a flexible compartment which can hold one of these: Digicam, MP3 / MP4, PDA, Phone etc. Unique Loop Flap features dual usage: pouch closure and belt connector. Shoulder / neck cord is also available as alternative carrying option.

Camera Protection - The last thing you want is to miss a shot because of a damaged camera or accessories. Kata protective carrying solutions will ensure that your all your equipment is safe and sound regardless of where you shoot.

Ergonomic Design - Ergo Tech is made of a flexible material that adjusts to the ever changing shapes and movements of the carrier’s body. This flexible material is also extremely lighweight making Ergo Tech bags extremely comfortable.

Yellop Interior - Kata protects your camera with the use of Yelloop for interior pockets. Yelloop is a soft material that will not scratch your camera and the bright yellow color makes it easy to find your camera accessories.


external length: 2.8 in
external width: 1.2 in
external height: 3.5 in
weight: 0.1 lbs

Kata Pixel D Compact Loop Pouch
Kata Pixel D Compact Loop Pouch