• Olympus FL-900R Electronic Flash

Olympus FL-900R Electronic Flash


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High Intensity and High Performance 
The high-intensity FL-900R boasts a guide number of 58 meters (at ISO 100) and covers a wide range of focal lengths with an electronic zoom head. A built-in wide panel enables you to use wider focal length lenses and have perfect coverage, and a catchlight panel illuminates your portrait subjects' eyes effortlessly. 

Dust and Splashproof Construction 
The FL-900R boasts dust and splashproof construction that perfectly complements weatherproof OM-D camera bodies and all M.Zuiko PRO lenses, enabling you to illuminate your subject in the harshest of weather. Dark and stormy conditions are no match for your complete OM-D system. 

Multiple Flashes, No Wires 
With Olympus' RC (remote control) system, you have access to a variety of wireless flash options. Use the FL-900R as a master flash to trigger additional RC compatible flash units, as a slave in one of four independently controlled groups, or as a commander flash using the included IR filter. 

Four available channels mean the RC Mode is resistant to interference from other photographers, so you can comfortably shoot events when other photographers are nearby. 

Built-In LED Video Light 
The built-in 1.5w LED light in the FL-900R is a useful tool as both a continuous source for video shooting and as a focus assist light when shooting stills. One-touch on/off control lets you quickly access 100 Lux power (at 1m) when you find yourself in a low-light situation. 

Advanced Features with OM-D E-M1 Mark II 
When paired with the OM-D E-M1 Mark II camera body, the FL-900R becomes a sequential shooting powerhouse. The flash fires continuously at 10 frames per second for 100 shots at 1/128 power or 30 times at 1/32 power! State-of-the-art charging circuitry enables the FL-900R to recycle in just 2.5 seconds when shooting sequentially, so you're assured of getting the shot. An improved FP mode with expanded range lets you shoot beyond E-M1 Mark II's sync speed without the worry of overexposure. 

The new Multi Mode allows you to capture movement in your photos, by firing the flash multiple times during one exposure, further enhancing your creative control.


Guide Number
190 feet / 58 meter ISO 100 
When using the built-in wide panel: 46 feet / 14 meter ISO 100
Lens Coverage
Covers the angle of view of a 12mm to 100mm Micro Four Thirds le ns (35mm equivalent: 24mm to 200mm) 
When using the built-in wide panel Covers the angle of view of a 7 mm to 10mm Micro Four Thirds lens (35mm equivalent: 14mm to 20mm)
Built-in Functions
Wide panel, catch light plate
Flash Modes
TTL-Auto, Auto, Manual, FP TTL-Auto, FP Manual, and Multi
Flash Emission Period
Approx. 1/20000 to 1/500 sec. (except when using Super FP flash)
Remote Control (RC)
Flash mode: RC, SL Auto, SL Manual 
4 channels 
Can control 4 groups of flashes independently from each other (3 slave flash groups + flash on camera body)
Bounce Angle
Up: 0 to 90 degrees, down: 0 to 7 degrees, right: 0 to 180 degrees, left: 0 to 180 degrees
Power: 1.5 W 
Color: White 
Firing Angle: approx. 70 degrees 
Illuminance: 100 Lux @ 1 m 
Control mode: Auto, Manual, and Off with adjustment possible by 1 E V step from Full to 1/32
Power Supply
4 AA
Charging Time1
Approx. 4.5 sec. (when using AA alkaline batteries) 
Approx. 2.5 sec. (when using AA NiMH batteries)
LED Emission Time
Approx. 2.4 hours (when using AA alkaline batteries) 
Approx. 2.6 hours (when using AA NiMH batteries)
Liquid Ingress Protection (class)
Class 1 (IPX1), equivalent to JISC0920/IEC60529 (in-house measurement)
Dimensions (WxHxD)
3.2 x 4.75 x 4.9" (81.2 x 121.4 x 125.2mm) excluding protrusions
13.47 oz (382g) without batteries